DYS Grant Funding General Information"

Residential Contract Services and Community
Based Diversion Programs

The Department of Youth Services has made efforts to support community-based interventions for court-involved youth for years. Beginning in 2008, with the reform of the Juvenile Code of Alabama, and the Right-Sizing Juvenile Justice Initiative, a formal competitive process for application for diversion grants and support was developed. Today, the DYS Diversion Program provides support for nearly 40 community programs that serve 4,778 youth annually. The goal of these programs is to provide alternatives to state custody and commitment to DYS while developing local diversion resources for juvenile courts and the state.

The Department is committed to utilizing data to identify needs, allocate resources, and inform decisions made in support of community based resources. Programs that are supported by DYS resources and whose goal is to divert youth from commitment to DYS through community based programming, will be considered part of the DYS Diversion Grant Application Process and will make application every two (2) years for new or continued support. The Department will issue a Request for Proposals for contracted placements for youth in DYS Custody every three (3) years.

All funding requests and support for programs will follow this schedule and process. Applications and solicitations for RFPs will be issued and accepted in the Spring of 2017 for the 2018 Fiscal Year. Those interested in becoming a community based provider of diversion services for delinquent youth must respond to the solicitations through either a Diversion Grant Application or RFP Process if financial support from the department is requested. An application does not guarantee funding or support.

All questions should be directed to Mr. Pat Pendergast, Deputy Director of Community Services at (334) 215-3820. If a person or organization is seeking DYS Licensure for a program but not financial support, please contact the DYS Director of Licensing at (205) 836-1058.