DYS begins its First Year Candidacy Phase with the
Performance-based Standards National Community

The Alabama Department of Youth Services (DYS) believes in delivering effective and safe rehabilitation and reentry services for youth in custody. The DYS Office of Quality Assurance is responsible for the implementation and oversight of the agency’s quality control measures to increase accountability, accurate data reporting, and transparency. The overall goal for the office is to ensure agency goals are met and that all programs consistently provide effective services that help our youth achieve meaningful outcomes. The Office of Quality Assurance is also responsible for the following:

  • Serves as a resource to aid productivity across all divisions and facilities;

  • Provides information across Divisions to improve the quality assurance process;

  • Works collaboratively with the data management team to verify the accuracy and quality of the information
         about youth contained in the various DYS databases;

  • Provides an objective view of operations, processes, policies, and procedures for increased
        checks and balances agency-wide;

  • Identifies training needs and best practices across the variety of agency disciplines;

  • Identifies potential issues before significant problems occur and determine the level of policy changes,
        financial, or human resources needed to correct the deficiencies;

  • Identifies techniques to improve work culture and employee morale with the goal of reducing turnover;

  • Provides reliable data analysis to management that informs decision making at all levels.

  • In 2016, the Alabama Department of Youth Services chose to be a part of the national Performance-based Standards (PbS) community. PbS provides a wealth of information about what happens daily in residential facilities and programs essential for ensuring the safety of youths and staff, for data-driven decision-making, demonstrating accountability, and reporting successes. PbS also describes the quality of life in facilities through timely, quantitative, and qualitative data showing change over time and performance in comparison to other facilities and programs across the country.

    The Alabama Department of Youth Services is currently in the first year candidacy phase, which will last until April 30th 2017.

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